Psychotherapy Treatment For Teenage Depression

Psychotherapy treatment for teenage depression or counseling is a way to teach the patients and their families about the disease. It also helps them in managing the contributory stress factors. 

Duration of the Therapy

The therapy sessions are held with the qualified health professional. Each session lasts from half an hour to an hour. When the treatment is started, two sessions in a week may be sufficient.

With the progression of the treatment the number of sessions per week is decreased to once in a week or once in two weeks.

How it works?

Psychotherapy treatment for teenage depression is a team work, the patient, the health professional and the parents have to work together to achieve the desired goal.

In the session the patient discusses with the therapist about his/her problems and feelings. The patients comes up with the thoughts which come into the mind and talks about the relationships. The therapist can then guide the patient how to cope with conditions and helping the patient in managing depressive and stressful conditions.

Thus the patient can successfully fight with the symptoms and overcomes the problems. It boosts the self confidence and social behavior of the patient.

The involvement of the parents is essential in the recovery process of the teen. They should be educated about the disease and should be made responsible for the safety measures of the depressed teen.

However, they should not sit in the discussion sessions as the teen will feel reluctant to discuss matters in the presence of parents.

The therapist in the discussions tries to find out the factors which contributed to the disease process. The psychotherapy helps in improving the depressive symptoms but the maximal results are obtained after 8 to 10 weeks or more.

How to Choose a Therapist

Any health care professional who is well trained in the field and has adequate experience can conduct the sessions. While choosing an appropriate therapist you should look for the following points:

1.What is the qualification and work experience of the therapist?

2.Does the therapist have additional experience of dealing with teenage depression?

3.What will be the role of the family members in the treatment?

4.Does the therapist have experience in cognitive behavioral therapy?

Answer to these questions will help you in finding the right therapist.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and interpersonal therapy for adolescent are the two therapies which have been scientifically found beneficial.

Cognitive behavioral therapy

It is an intervention which consists of different therapeutic ways which aim at bringing in a change in the thinking and behavior of the patient which are responsible for the distress. It is believed that the depressed people have distorted thinking and it can be corrected with CBT.

The involvement of the patient is increased in pleasurable activities. Improvement is brought in the social interactions. The depressing thoughts of the patient are reconstructed. All these techniques have been proved effective by research studies.

Combination therapy is more effective than CBT alone. However CBT has shown to prevent against suicidal thinking and relapse. Moreover it has remarkable results when given for around 36 weeks.

Thus Psychotherapy treatment for teenage depression is an important component of the overall treatment and becomes most effective when combined with pharmacological treatment. 

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