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Teenage depression is a reality, it exists! The most important point is to recognize the presence of depression in teenagers as a disease and not as a part of transition. The recognition of the disease in teenagers is challenging because it does not manifest itself in the same way as in adults. It is vital for the parents to pick up the signs of adolescent depression so that their child is not brought to the verge of suicide by this disease.

The prevalence of adolescence depression is comparable to that of depression in adults which is around 20% and the figure is rising. What are the causes of depression in this age group? Is your child living in an environment which has the predisposing factors responsible for the disease. Depressed teenagers have a higher risk of committing suicide. Is your child about to commit suicide? It is an extremely dreadful consequence and any hint should not be over looked.

Depression in teenage not only effects the teen life but also carries impact in the future life. Research has shown that adult depression has its roots in the teenage. Moreover in the later life the person develops withdrawal from the society, relationship problems, negative thinking regarding the intentions of others and reassurance seeking behavior.

The teenagers suffering from depression experience changes in mood, inter-personal relations and deteriorating school performance but they are unaware of the cause. The next important question is that, Is teenage depression curable? and the answer is YES! More than 90% of the teens recover within a period of two years if the therapy is started at the right time. One thing to remember is that even after successful treatment, around 40% of the teens can have the depressive episodes again within two years.

Research has shown that besides increased risk of suicide in teenagers suffering from depression there are increased chances of substance and sexual abuse along with other co-existing disorders.

Depression in youth should be given prime importance. According to one research around 80% of the teenagers suffering from depression never get treatment. What is the treatment for adolescent depression? We should educate ourselves and our children so that we live in a healthy environment and beat teenage depression!

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