7 Things To Do In Depression After Pregnancy

Depression after pregnancy and baby blues are common after delivery. The birth of a child is associated with changes in your psychological, social and physical world.

These changes are normal and perfectly natural. The following tips will help you better cope with depression after pregnancy.

#1. Rapidly Adjusting to the New Situation Helps in reducing Depression after Pregnancy

The new changing situation includes:

a. Change in your social status.

You enter motherhood and parenthood. Becoming a mother (parent) is associated with some new roles that you have to play. The awareness of these new roles that you have to play brings some stress with it.

b. Increased sense of responsibility.

The added sense of responsibility is the other important change to which you need to adapt. The most quick and effective way to deal with this changing environment is to ‘’accept’’ the new changing environment. Accept the role of motherhood and the responsibility it brings.

Accepting the new role will diminish the subconscious conflict of the new responsibility.

The rapidly you adapt to this change, the more quickly you begin to enjoy your baby and the new developing relationship.

By adjusting to the new environment you can cope with your depression in a more positive manner.

#2. Do Not Get Obsessed with Baby Care

Your baby will grow and grow better. Do not get obsessed with the thoughts of baby care. Mothers often wrongly link the care of the new born with their freedom. You are a free person even if you are a mother. You can manage both, yourself and your baby.

Your baby is a separate entity and will take the course of his growth at his own. The nature has gifted you with the qualities of looking after a baby and that are perfectly sufficient for your child. You do not need to overdo anything.

#3.Get Help in Handling the Newborn

Find someone to help you manage the child in the first few weeks after delivery. The child needs frequent feeds and this can disrupt your sleep which puts you under more discomfort.

Let someone responsible handle the child for few hours, feed him through bottle top and you can cover your sleep. It will be a great boost to your physical and mental health. Your partner, family member or a maid can be a perfect choice for this purpose.

Your To do list in Depression after Pregnancy

o Say these words aloud to yourself “I accept the responsibility of motherhood and I am happy with it”.

o I have talked to my partner about my feelings and I have clearly told him that I need his support.

o I have talked to my partner/care giver that I need a maid/helper for caring the baby.

o I have talked to my friends about my feelings.

o I try to take sleep whenever the baby sleeps and I understand that the baby will improve his sleep cycle in few weeks.

o I understand that these changes in mood are normal and almost every women passes through this phase.

o I understand that I need to consult my doctor if the symptoms persist for more than 2 weeks or I develop thought of harming myself or the baby.

#4. Talk to Your Partner about Your Feelings

Support from your partner can give you a tremendous boost in beating the depression after pregnancy. Communicate this to your partner and share your feelings and worries with him. May be your cure is in those magical words ''that I care for you and I am there besides you'' that you want to hear from your partner.

#5.Get Social Support

Talking to your friends or other mothers will give you a great boost. Only talk to people with positive outlook towards life. You will find that you are not alone in this situation. Mothers around the globe go through similar phases. You can find a forum and share your views there.

#6. Try to Get Good Sleep

Taking a good sleep is important for keeping you fresh both mentally and physically. Adjusting your sleep cycle with the new born is difficult because your sleep cycles do not match. But this is nothing to take on your nerves. With little time management and the help you can find chunks of time to complete your sleep.

Once you sleep well you will automatically find that you are feeling better. After few weeks the newborn will begin to adjust the sleep cycle and things will start to improve.

#7. Consult Your Doctor

It is also important to know when to visit a doctor. You should consider visiting a doctor if:

  • your symptoms of depression persist for 2 weeks or more.
  • you are having thoughts of harming the baby or yourself or having feelings of extreme guilt that you are not caring the baby properly.

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