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Can there be a bipolar disorder self injury? It means that if you are suffering from bipolar disorder are there chances that you are going to harm yourself. The answer is yes! Is it a thing to worry? yes and no.

Yes because if you just read this and do not act then yes, it is a thing to worry. But if you read this and you act upon it then no, because you have a chance of overcoming this condition.

It brings me to the point which you might be thinking as well that why would a person with bipolar disorder do a self injury?

Ok, as you know it is a bipolar disorder also known as manic depressive disorder. In this condition you will have mood swings.

At times your mood will be elevated and you will be energetic. You can be over talkative and even have hallucinations.

This phase is called mania. So if you develop psychosis that can be dangerous for you and people around you.

The other phase is the one in which you will feel low in mood. Sadness and gloominess will prevail all around. Life will seem insignificant to you. Moreover there will be no charm in things which made you lively once. This phase is called the depressive phase.

In this depressive phase thoughts of self harm and suicide start creeping in your mind. It is not your fault, it is due to the imbalance of the neurotransmitters in your brain. When the levels of these chemicals change in the brain, they change the way we think and react. This is the time when you are most vulnerable to harm yourself.

People have even committed suicides in this phase so you cannot take it lightly. It does not happen immediately. Things get worsen over time and you may even recognize it. But if you do not take action at the right time, it might be too late for you. The negative and suicidal thoughts may compel you to the point that the damage is irreversible. I think you are getting my point.

So if you feel that such thoughts are coming to your mind, DO NOT HESITATE, talk to your family or physician immediately. If you start the treatment at the right time and cooperate with your physician you will see that the things will change very soon. Yes! you will start feeling good in sometime and these thoughts will go away from your mind.

So if you feel that you at the risk of bipolar disorder self injury, stop worrying and get on with the treatment. Your world will begin to change.

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