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Treatments for depression are numerous. What will work best for You?

To get the best treatment for your depression, you need to get a bit of evaluation done, why? Because that will lead you to the best treatment. The treatment which gets you depression free is the best for you and it can vary from individual to individual, why? Because everyone is different, what works for one might not work for the other. Also the type and severity of depression is important.

There are few thing which will help you to determine the right treatment for you. The first one is the diagnosis. Depression can be of different types and the treatment for each type is different. Depression can be a part of some other illness or associated with some other conditions then you have to treat those conditions as well. Treating them will improve your depression. Severity is also important, some agents work alone in moderate depression. In severe depression you may need combinations.

You age, diagnosis, severity, associated disorders(special circumstances like pregnancy) and any other coexisting disorders together point towards one best solution for you. Your psychiatrist will keep these things in mind and then advise you the treatment.

Ok, lets see what are the treatments for depression available that have worked for the people around the globe. Research tells us that these solutions work.

Antidepressants as One of the Treatments for Depression

Medicines… please do not say awaaah! Again. But antidepressants work. I do not say that they work for 100% but hey 50-60% people get benefit from them. They tolerate them, they cure their depression with them. Antidepressants have changed the lives of many and they do so as I write this for you. They do have adverse effects, I agree but this does not ,mean that we just shun them away or look down upon them.

They have saved lives, millions of them.

Ok I am not saying anything more on antidepressants right now because I know many people do not like them. But ,hey.. They work!

You have other options at hand as well and they work too.

Talk Therapy or Psychotherapy

Talk Therapy… either self administered or get it from a trained therapist. It works. It has the same efficacy as that of antidepressants. It is also known as psychotherapy. There are further therapies in psychotherapy like the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapy (MBCBT), interpersonal therapy and others. CBT and interpersonal therapy has been particularly useful in treating depression. As effective as medicines and no side effects! Get the most out of it.

Use the power of internet to its best. CBT delivered via internet is as effective as face to face! You can get this internet based CBT in the form of a structured program or you can have sessions with a psychotherapist right from your home.

Herbal Treatments for Depression

Herbal treatments for depression have gained much prominence. You consider them safe as they are not medicines BUT you need to be careful when you resort to such measures. Only go for the research proven and time tested remedies. What happens is that, when the trend of the people shifts to one side (like the use of herbal product for depression) the researchers also explore those areas.

Look for organic research on those products not the research provided by the manufacturers. Look for pure, unbiased research. The one herb I will mention is Saint Johns wort, why? Because it has undergone extensive research and is proven to be beneficial in mild to moderate depression.

ECT and Deep Brain Stimulation Techniques

ECT and other deep brain stimulation techniques are also used as the treatments for depression but they are for reserved cases. If other therapies are not working or if there is some contraindication to the use of other therapies ECT is used. More on electric shock treatment for depression,click here.

Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) and vagal nerve stimulation (VNS) are the other deep brain stimulations used as the treatments for depression. VNS has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of depression.

Add-on Therapies

There are certain add-on therapies like fish oil supplements, omega 3 supplements, SAM-e (s-adnosylmethionine) supplements and saffron. The add-on therapy enhances the effects of the existing therapy. Some of them are so powerful that they can be used as a single agent therapy like the SAM-e supplements.

Light therapy is for winter depression.

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