10 Signs of Depression | Is it Depression?

What you are going through, is that depression?

These 10 signs of depression can help you in identifying that.

You can have some or few of these signs and the presence of these signs for a duration of 2 weeks should raise the suspicion of having depression. Feeling blue due to some event or situation is normal. It is a normal human reaction but remaining sad for longer duration without any obvious reason is not normal and should be evaluated.

These signs are general and can occur in children, men, women and elderly. However, each of these groups has some particular signs as well. Depression often presents differently in adolescents and few points differ in men and women as well.

Depression can also present with only physical symptoms, meaning aches and pains in the body, constipation or diarrhea.

  1. Low mood or feeling sad.
  2. Feeling of loss of pleasure in life.
  3. Lack of energy to do anything.
  4. Lack of confidence or self esteem.
  5. Feeling of inappropriate guilt .
  6. Sleep disturbances either sleeping less ( difficulty falling sleep or waking up early)or too much.
  7. Increase or decrease in appetite and weight changes.
  8. Difficulty in concentrating or taking decisions.
  9. Slowness in mental and physical functioning or agitation.
  10. Recurring thoughts of death or suicide.

If you have low mood in some specific season of the year particularly winter, you may have winter depression or seasonal affective disorder(SAD).

If you previously had an episode of high and elated mood and now you are having low and depressed mood then you should also consider bipolar disorder.

The more the number of signs present, the greater the severity of the depression. You can see symptoms of severe depression for more detail.

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