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Depression is troublesome. It just comes onto you and beating depression is difficult but possible.

Being a mental health professional I have helped hundreds of people in fighting depression. By virtue of my profession I feel obligated to bring valuable information to you that can help you in beating depression. 

What makes you depressed?

There is no one reason. But the following two factors are important

  • Low brain chemicals
  • Thinking errors

How brain chemicals make you depressed?

Your mood is controlled by chemicals in the brain called neurotransmitters. Serotonin is the main neurotransmitter which regulates mood. Lower levels of serotonin result in depression. Increasing the chemicals reduces depression. How to increase the chemicals?

  • By taking medicines
  • By taking natural products
  • By changing your thinking
  • By bringing a change in your lifestyle

How your thinking makes you depressed?

When you are depressed, negative thoughts come into your mind automatically. You do not have control over them unless you want to control them.

These negative thoughts pass by your brain within fraction of a second. Negative thoughts generate negative emotion – depression.

Can you control these thoughts?


Can you change these thoughts?


Once you change these negative thoughts with positive thoughts, they generate positive emotions – happiness.

Psychotherapy replaces negative thoughts with positive thoughts. It takes time but the results are rewarding. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is effective in depression.

You can do a self-help psychotherapy as well.

Few other things that appear simple but have profound effect on your depression

Manage your stress – depression aggravates under stress. Effective stress management goes a long way in staying depression free. Investing some time in gaining skills for effective stress management is worth it.  

Talk about your feelings – just talking with someone how you feel and sharing your true emotions relaxes you.

Write your feelings – if you cannot talk, write down your feelings and empty the burden you are carrying.

Take a walk –  exercise in any form is helpful in improving mood.

Understanding depression gives you the opportunity to handle your depression better.

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